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It’s funny what kind of experience you have gained over the years and learn when you meet men and women. At some point you can understand both sides. At least that’s how it is for me. Yes men, you have my pity. Dating women is really not easy. Above all, no best sex site straight women – I’ll agree with you. Of course there are also exceptions here, because exceptions confirm the rule, as we know.

… there still seem to be an abundance of these. One sticks to it, the other doesn’t. Women present their best side and wait to be courted by a man. Even on Tinder. Men write first, women are written to. I have to admit, in most cases, I let the man start the conversation too. In the nightlife, it was mostly the men who took the first step and why should it be any different here ?! The conservative behavior patterns are somehow still anchored in us. It is like that in my family. From early childhood I was given the impression that the man, as breadwinner and “director” of the house, took care of my mother, as well as my sister and me. For a long time, I felt my mother’s role as housewife was submissive and I was given the impression, certainly due to the small-town environment, that women are more passive, reserved or not too demanding or direct.

Of course, you transfer the role models you have learned to your own later romantic relationships and love life. Even if I always had the feeling that I wanted more and just said it, I often paused and waited. This is no longer the case. Not for a few years. At some point I got tired of it. It’s not that easy in a small town. After all, you still have to pay attention to what your neighbors think of you and what they expect. I understand that this is not just a small town phenomenon. The conservative notion is still generally anchored in Generation Y, since as children of the post-war / economic miracle generation we were all given a largely “traditional” family image.

But even in the (non-existent) sex education or in sex education classes we do not get any real awareness of our femininity, our womanhood on the way. Funnily enough, it hits educational classes really well. You learn how children develop and how to prevent them, as well as diseases. Terrible diseases.

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